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Relational mindfulness for coaches

Bringing mindful awareness, compassion and wisdom into each moment of interaction in your coaching

Relational mindfulness for leaders

Bringing presence, compassion and wisdom into relationships to enhance leadership capability and people management

Coaching supervision

Supporting coaches to learn, reflect and grow

Leadership coaching

Nurturing leadership and management capability

About relational mindfulness

Wondering what I mean by relational mindfulness? Why not download the articles I wrote for Coaching at Workwhich were published in 2020? These formed a three-part series about what relational mindfulness is and what it can offer to leaders, coaches, mentors and supervisors and those they work with. I am delighted to say that they were awarded an Editor’s Award by the journal. I hope you enjoy them and would welcome any feedback, comments and questions!

Part 1: What is relational mindfulness (download pdf)

Part 2: What does relational mindfulness offer? (download pdf)

Part 3: What does relational mindfulness mean for leadership development? (download pdf)

You might also like to read:

A short article I wrote about relational mindfulness for Coaching Perspectives, the international magazine of the Association for Coaching, which were  published in July 2021. Coaching Perspectives RM article – July 21 (download pdf)

An article I wrote about relational mindfulness for The Psychologist, which was published in the October issue and is available to read here.

A blog I wrote for the British Psychological Society, which was published in October 2023 and is available to read here.

Relational mindfulness case study

To understand how a relational mindfulness programme can benefit coach development, you might like to read this case study about an online ‘Relational mindfulness for coaches’ programme I ran for the in-house coaches at Imperial College London in July 2020. It was published in Coaching at Work in May 2021.

Imperial case study – published May 21 (download pdf)

Current Relational mindfulness sessions and programmes

Building presence and awareness

For coaches, team coaches, mindfulness teachers, and facilitators who would like to explore how relational mindfulness practice can support them to be more present and aware in their work, I offer online Relational mindfulness programmes made up of four half-day sessions. The next programme will take place in April-June of 2024 – for details and to book your place please click here.

Deepening moment by moment awareness for psychologists

In January-March 2024, I will be offering a four-session programme of Relational mindfulness for psychologists. The aim of the programme is to help psychologists be more aware, present and effective in their client work, including establishing psychological safety, empathising, quality listening, compassion, understanding of habits, and generating insight. You can book your place here.

Deepening presence and awareness

For those who already have a grounding in relational mindfulness (RM), I run a year-long small-group programme. The aim is to support deeper understanding and ability to use RM to enhance professional practice, greater self-awareness and improved relationships. Anyone who is a member of the Relational Mindfulness for Coaches Community (i.e. has attended an RM programme lasting two half-days/a full day or longer) is eligible to attend and the 6 places available will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Contact me for details.

Relational mindfulness for psychologists

I offer online Relational mindfulness introductory sessions for psychologists, organised by the BPS (British Psychological Society) and aimed at any psychologist for whom relationships are a core part of their work (i.e. just about all psychologists!) To be informed when the next session takes place, please get in touch.

Relational mindfulness for team coaches

In July, I will be offering a session of Relational mindfulness for team coaches as part of the Team Coaches retreat organised by the Team Coaching Studio. The retreat is exploring the theme of ‘Power’ and the Relational mindfulness session will use Relational mindfulness to explore your felt sense of power and look at your habits and patterns around power. Full details available here.

Experiential introduction to relational mindfulness

Periodically, I run online experiential introductions to relational mindfulness (for example the one I ran on 20th July 2021). Please get in touch if you would like to attend one of these events in future or would like me to run a session in-house in your organisation.

Testimonials for Emma’s Relational Mindfulness programmes:

“The programme provided me with a perfectly- balanced combination of the theories underlying the concepts of relational mindfulness combined with a safe space in which to practice. Emma provided the ideal learning environment …”

“For me, the programme provided space, connection and development. Space to pause, to reflect, to share, to breathe. Connection with myself and others, to individuals, the collective and what it is to be human and to listen. Development that gently challenged some of my dialogue habits and helped me to let go of the tightly held roles and expectations around speaking and listening.”

“…Relational mindfulness is helping me to listen more deeply, to be more curious, to notice more. The result is I’m feeling I’m walking alongside people more (rather than pulling them) and difficult topics are easier to discuss…”

Previous Relational mindfulness sessions and programmes

Relational mindfulness for mindfulness teachers

In January 2023, I offered a session of Relational mindfulness for mindfulness teachers organised by the Mindful Workplace Community. For more information see here

Relational mindfulness masterclass over two half days

In November 2021, I offered a masterclass made up of two half-day sessions through Career Counselling Services. This was an introduction to relational mindfulness for coaches and those using coaching in their role. I expect to run another similar masterclass in late 2022, so please let me know if you would like me to send you the link to register when it becomes available.

Relational mindfulness all-day masterclass

In November 2020, I offered a one-day virtual masterclass on relational mindfulness for coaches as part of the Coaching at Work masterclass series.  Please get in touch if you would like to attend a session like this or for me to run one in your organisation.

Relational mindfulness for CTCaB volunteers

In May 2022, I offered a session of Relational mindfulness organised by CTCaB (Coaching Through COVID and Beyond) as part of their Joy in Connection series. 

Relational mindfulness introductory session for the ABP

In June 2021, I ran a relational mindfulness session for the Association of Business Psychology (ABP). If your organisation would like me to run a similar session, please get in touch.

Relational mindfulness for coaches and supervisors

In May 2022, I offered an online Relational mindfulness introductory session for coaches and supervisors, organised by APECS (Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision). See details here.

Conferences, webinars and interviews

Health and wellbeing
@ work 2023

In March 2023, I spoke in the coaching stream at the Health and wellbeing @ work conference in Birmingham. I talked about developing coaching presence, awareness and wisdom through relational mindfulness.

BPS Coaching Psychology summer event 2022

In July 2022, I spoke at the British Psychological Society Division of Coaching Psychology virtual conference. The recording is available for a limited time (my presentation starts about 2mins into the recording and ends about 41mins into the recording, after which there is a further 15mins of me responding to questions).

Health and wellbeing
@ work 2022

In March 2022, I spoke at the Health and wellbeing @ work conference in Birmingham. I talked about  compassionate leadership and how to develop presence, humanity and wisdom through relational mindfulness.

CIPD London Annual Conference 2021

In November 2021, I spoke at the CIPD London Annual Conference. Rachel Suff and I provided presentations and discussion about line managers, mental health at work and compassionate leadership.

CIPD Annual Conference sessions 2020

In November 2020, I spoke (twice!) at the CIPD annual conference and exhibition:
Managing remote teams  – 14.30-15.00 on Wednesday 11th November  
We need to talk more about mental health – but how do we tackle it sensitively? – 13.00-13.50 on Thursday 12th November  

CIPD webinar 2020

In May 2020, I was part of a CIPD webinar discussed how people professionals can help staff manage the psychological impact of the coronavirus crisis.

All Wales Public Service Virtual Coaching Conference 2020

In November 2020, I gave a keynote session on relational mindfulness for coaches at the All Wales Public Service Virtual Coaching Conference. This session is available to view online.

Henley Business School interview

In October 2019, I gave an interview at Henley Business School Centre for Coaching about relational mindfulness in coach supervision. This is available to view here for members of the Henley community.

Publications and resources

Relational mindfulness articles

See above for downloads of articles I have written for Coaching at Work and Coaching Perspectives.

Mindfulness and leadership research article

In 2019 (2018 online) the systematic review I conducted for my professional doctorate was published in the peer-reviewed journal, European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology. Here is the accepted manuscript version.

Relational mindfulness in leadership development research article

In 2021 the research study conducted for my professional doctorate was published in the peer-reviewed journal,  Journal of Management Education. Here is the accepted manuscript version.

Online learning

During 2020, the CIPD invited me to write the content for a set of online learning materials for line managers. The aim is to help line managers manage in ways that support employee health and wellbeing.

British Psychological Society blog

In May 2019, I was invited to write a blog for the British Psychological Society website.


Based on our research, Jo Yarker, Rachel Lewis and I wrote Preventing Stress in organisations, which was published by Wiley and won the British Psychological Society Book Award in 2015.

Leadership and employee health

Since 2005, I have collaborated with a range of people, particularly my colleagues Jo and Rachel at Affinity Health at Work, to conduct and publish research on the role of leadership and management in employee health and wellbeing.

About me

Dr Emma Donaldson-Feilder

Emma aims to support the development of kinder, wiser workplaces, with more relational leadership and people management, improved employee health and wellbeing and greater inclusivity.

Emma’s varied professional portfolio includes teaching relational mindfulness, coaching senior managers and executives, individual and group supervision for coaches, consultancy for organisations and teams, research, writing, speaking, and public policy. She is a Registered Occupational Psychologist, a Chartered Coaching Psychologist, an Accredited Executive Coach and a Certified Coach Supervisor. Alongside her role at Affinity Coaching and Supervision, she is also a member of the Health and Safety Executive Workplace Health Expert Committee and an Insight Dialogue teacher

In 2019, Emma completed a Professional Doctorate, in which she conducted research exploring the use of mindfulness and relational mindfulness for leadership development. This also highlighted the importance of supervisors, coaches and learning and development professionals embodying the qualities they aim to facilitate in their clients. Building on this work, she has developed a range of programmes applying relational mindfulness to support leadership development, coach development and individual development. 

Emma has been providing coaching since 2001 and coaching supervision since 2009. In 2006, she co-founded Affinity Health at Work with Jo Yarker and Rachel Lewis. Together, she, Jo and Rachel ran a wide range of research and consultancy projects for organisations including the Health and Safety Executive, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, Business in the Community, Transport for London, National Grid, Police Superintendents’ Associations across the UK, the Chief Police Officers’ Staff Association and the Greater London Authority. 

She also draws on 12 years’ previous experience working in international relations and communications prior to becoming a psychologist. 

Emma takes a values-led, integrative and evidence-based approach, drawing on her own and others’ research, plus relevant practical models, to support effective outcomes for clients.

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